What equipment do you use? 
Both my husband and I use a Nikon D750 and a Nikon 700 as our backup cameras.
 With a 35mm 1.4 & 85mm 1.4

What are your packages and rates?
Fill out the contact form in its entirety and we can chat more about pricing once I know more about you and your wedding day.

Where are you located?
Portland Oregon. But that doesn't matter cause wherever you are or want to be photographed we'll come! We love a good adventure.

  Do you do destination weddings?
Heck to the yeah! Have done 3 in Hawaii already! And craving to do more!

Do you shoot elopements?

 Do you take family portraits at weddings? I don’t see any on your website or blog…
Yes! Immediately following the ceremony, I spend 10-15 minutes taking pictures of you and your loved ones. I choose to exclude those photos from my web portfolio cause honestly who wants to see family photos.

Can we share our photos on Facebook, Instagram, and/or other public forums?
YES! but I just ask that you please provide a photo credit in the caption! It helps us a ton when you properly create us for our work

Is it Okay if I add Instagram filters or add an edit to the images I receive? 
No no and no. In the end it is your memories but it is our work, and we don't want our work to be reflected by a crappy Instagram filter. 

How do we secure our date? 
We don’t hold, reserve or set aside dates for any wedding without a signed contract and deposit – It’s first in, first served and even if you’ve inquired to ask if a date is free and it is free upon time of reply, it doesn’t mean it won’t be booked 1 minute or one week later. If you’re keen to lock in a date, then I highly recommend locking down a date with a deposit and a signing of a contract, otherwise dates can be booked at anytime, by anyone. And trust me, it happens. 

If I want the all the Raw unedited files could I get those or see them?
Unfortunately I never give any of my clients Raw files or let them see them. A part of hiring us means that we take the time to go through all the images and select the very best ones to give back to you. No one wants blinking ones, or blurry ones. 

If we give you a shot list, can you capture specific images or re-create others we have seen?
Unfortunately we don’t carry shot lists. We capture moments of the wedding day as they unfold. There are something that we cannot recreate from Pinterest like for instance if you show us photos of a first look where the groom cries, we can't capture that unless your groom cries. Ya dig? It has to actually happen for us to capture it.  For portraits thats when we get more into posing, but even then its more about connecting with each other then working off a shot list of poses you found on Pinterest.  I strongly urge you to not send me any photos from pinterest. We want to capture YOUR wedding day not recreate someone else.