Bali Elopement | Hazel + William


Bali is one of those places I've left a piece of my heart, Bali is one of the most magical places I have ever experienced, having the opportunity to come back again and document the love and union of Hazel and William was nothing short of a dream! Bali was absolutely perfect for Hazel's and William's adventurous hearts, they love to go on hikes and explore new places together, they were honestly made for Bali. We adventured throughout Bali the day before their wedding waking up at the crack of dawn to walk amongst the rice fields, hop around to waterfalls and beautiful temples. It was a day filled with adventure and experiencing places filled with beauty and history.
On the day of the wedding Hazel was up at like 3am getting her makeup done just so we could catch the sunrise on the lake before the ceremony. We were all so exhausted but honestly it was all worth it, especially because we got to experience this place with no one else around. For their ceremony we walked down what felt like a million steps to a waterfall hidden deep in the jungle to witness Hazel and William sharing their vows together next to a rushing waterfall that had us all completely soaked. Nothing beats marrying your best friend in the most magical place on earth.