Cannon Beach Senior Session | Samantha

You can never go wrong with going to the beach in January, there is something so wonderful about the salty air and the stillness of the beach with no one around. We had the awesome opportunity to venture out to Cannon beach for this senior session, It fills me with so much excitement to be able to explore places with my clients and drive out into the heartbeat of the oregon. Its an extraordinary feeling to be surround by such beauty and to be able to take photographs there. Samantha made taking photographs at the beach so amazing, the way she connected with what was around her made me love this session even more. Some fun facts we learned about Samantha were,  her dersire to pursue the study of music therapy, to one day own a beautiful  wine vineyard (which I would totally wanna visit) and audition for American Idol (I wish we would have asked her to sing for us, but I guess we'll have to wait for her audition to hear her voice, which I bet is as lovely as her!) 

I hope this session makes you feel what we felt at the beach that cold day in January, a sense of complete calmness and peace!  

{Makeup done by Blooming Beauty}