Columbia River Gorge Senior Session | Inna

For starters Inna is probably the most fun person ever to spend time with, this girl will crack you up until you are in tears from laughter. To be honest this felt less like a photo session and more like time spent hanging out with a wonderful friend. We talked about everything, from where we would want to go to on a honeymoon (New Zealand and Ireland of course!) to talking about our favorite shows and even talking in the voice of Dexter and Dee Dee from Dexter's laboratory. 
I loved that we scaled up hill sides and took pictures on huge cliffs, at some point it felt like we were in Ireland.
What I did not expect from this session was to be so blessed by Inna, she wrote me the most beautiful  thank you card I've ever gotten. She encouraged me in my business, my journey  and my love for photography. She said the sweetest things, I was so overjoyed to read her kinds words. Thank you Inna for your adventurous self and your heart of gold, you have truly been a blessing to me.