Germany Mountainside Vow-Renewal | Julia + Sasha


When we traveled to Austria for a wedding last July, we also had the opportunity to drive down to Germany and shoot with Julia & Sasha. I honestly don't even know where to start with explaining how much we adore these two. They are literally the sweetest souls we have ever met, they created a gift box for us filled with Germany goodies; candy, cookies and a bottle of wine! I was utterly shocked when they gave that to us! Julia and Sasha are thoughtful, kind and so warm to be around, and don't even get me started on how hilarious they are! After the shoot we got some late dinner in a little german restaurant and literally the entire time we spent with them I kept thinking " why don't they live closer to us!!!". Its amazing when you just click with someone, not only because of your mutual love of photography, but simply as people! Also they are amazing photographers and you should go follow them: @Farbklangphoto. We seriously can't wait to see them again next time we are in Europe. 
I ended up asking Julia and Sascha to write vows to read to each other during the shoot. Little did I know how special reading these vows would turn out to be. The sound of cow bells rung throughout the mountains and the fog rolled through the tree tops as Julia and Sascha read vows to each other in German. Tears filled their eyes and as I watched this beautiful moment unfold before me tears filled my eyes, I honestly felt like I was intruding on a moment that was theirs, and theirs alone. So Maks and I tried to move around as little as possible during this moment. I think every shoot should have a time to read some sort of vows to each other no matter if you're already married or not. It's such a beautiful thing to say words from your heart to the person your heart belongs to.