Intimate Riverside Elopement, Columbia River Gorge | Meghan + Casey

August 18th was a special day for Casey and Meghan not only because it was the day they were getting married, but decades ago on this very day both Casey’s and Meghan’s parents got married! How sweet was it for Meghan and Casey to pick a day that was also special for their parents! They decide to tie the knot with just their immediate family on a beautiful little shoreline in the Columbia River Gorge, and after their ceremony they headed back to Casey’s fathers home where all their family and friends joined them for relaxing backyard dinner and hangout! This day was filled with such sweetness and love, it was a great reminder that at the end of the day wedding days are not about the venue, the dress, the florals, the lighting, its about two people promising their hearts to one another. Wedding days are about people and the way they love.

Words From the bride;

When Casey proposed in December of 2017, we were looking forward to a long engagement and had no intention of getting married 8 months later, but life has a funny way of meddling with your plans. Seven months earlier, Casey’s father was diagnosed with Dementia. As we discussed more and more about the location and type of wedding that we were hoping to have, the more it made sense to get married soon and to have it near Casey’s hometown of Camas, Washington where his family lives. (It didn’t hurt that the backdrop of the area is gorgeous too!)

Casey and I also knew that we wanted a small wedding from the start.  Besides the obvious cost savings, a small wedding/elopement fit our personalities better and allowed us to focus on spending precious time with our families that we rarely see. It was also the first time that our families met, so it was extremely important to us that the weekend be intimate and focused on family. Unfortunately because of the quick decision to get married (we planned it all in two months!) a lot of my East Coast family wasn’t able to make the weekend’s celebrations. It was a hard thing to accept, but I told Casey all I needed was my immediate family and some epic wedding photos and I would be okay! 

The day that we got married also held significant meaning for us and our families, as August 18th just so happens to be both of our parents’ anniversaries as well! Getting married 39 years to the day that both of our parents said “I do”, in front of our parents, siblings and nieces, and having the day be a wonderful celebration of family and love is something that we will forever cherish. .