Sacramento California Wedding | Irene + Edward

Maks and I shot this wedding back in April and I FINALLY got around to blogging it, I have so much to say about Irene and Edward and how loving and amazing they have been with us, but I'll try to keep it short and simple! I think the images speak louder then my words when I say Irene was drop dead gorgeous and that the wedding was beautiful, but most of all how ridiculously sweet their love was for one another! Their wedding day was truly about become one as husband and wife, this was most evident to me when we got kicked out of the first look location only seconds after the first look, and both Irene and Edward were both so calm and trusting in us that we were able to find a sweet little patch of grass under a tree across from the venue for all the portraits (even though we were on a crazy time crunch). Guys seriously this little patch of grass was by a gravel road right next to a baseball field and these two trusted us to make it work, and we were able to because of their utter faith in us. We love them so much for that. 

Thank you guys for reminding us that wedding days aren't meant to be perfect, no matter how much we wish them to be. The most perfect thing about the wedding day is two people who are madly in love getting married, thats all that matters. Your wedding day is as good as you let it be, if you let little things upset you and ruin your mood of course it will be bad but if you trust the people who've hired and roll off the little set backs it turns out to be better then it would of been if things went by plan. 

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