Inna | Spring Portraits


While walking our dogs I noticed that someone cut down their tree and had piles of blossom branches in their yard. At first my heart sprung in excitement as we walked by these piles of branches, cause I am obsessed with spring but then I thought to myself what will I be able to do with these, and they'll die within a few days and i might not be able to find anyone to shoot with. So we walked away but as we kept walking I kept thinking, will I regret not trying something? Even if it means it might not work out? So I ran back knocked on the door and asked if I could take the branches off this old mans hands, he was a little confused but delighted that he wouldn't have to get rid of them himself.  I called up my little brother and we filled up the back of his truck until we couldn't fit anymore. From there I went about making my own mini studio in my yard. I bought black bed sheets and ducktaped them to our shed, I put the branches in buckets, and this was the result of that.✌🏻️🌸