We are Karina & Maks


We are the type of couple that loves to laugh together,  that loves to tease each other, and crack jokes any chance we get. We love humor and you can find us making jokes 95% of the time.  Humor helps us get through the hard times and makes the ordinary things of day to day life hilarious and fun. 
We believe in choosing joy and finding the silver lining in every situation.
We believe that you don't have to be on an epic adventure or doing whatever else is trendy to have an amazing life. It's the love you have and spread that makes your life extraordinary. There is magic to be found in our day to day lives, you just have to open your heart to see it. 




We love Jesus, holding hands, coming up with ridiculous pet names for each other, spicy food, aka we put sriracha on every-thang, playing Catan or any other board game we are obsessed with, watching funny animal videos 'cause Karina can't live without them, snowboarding, camping, watching the office or arrested development, we might love our dogs a little too much, we love good food from local food joints, but we also love a occasional midnight taco bell run.
We are just two people who love spending everyday together doing ordinary things. 



Party of two


I am Karina

I handle our emails & social media presence, so I'm the one you'll end up chatting with when you email us, I've been told (by Maks) that I overuse exclamation marks but what else is a girl suppose to do when she's just so darn excited!!
 I'm a dreamer, a hopeless romantic who loves all things romance no matter how grand or small, I love wildflowers and pretending to know how to garden. Junk food is my love language. I watch far too many random youtube videos when working, I pretty much know everything about Game of Thrones without ever watching it. I can be a chatter box when I'm excited about something (Good thing Maks is a great listener), animal videos make me happy when I'm having a bad day. I love anything that reminds me of my childhood, I love listening to depressing piano music, or sad indie music, and Pride and Prejudice is literally my favorite movie ever.  (Obviously the Keira Knightley version, cause the mini series bore me to death) 
All those things above are just a bunch of random little facts about me, things that may or may not change throughout life but one thing that will never change is my love for Maks. He is my rock, my biggest supporter, the reason I can dream, the only person who can make me crazy happy and crazy annoyed and the person my heart adores most. I love my life with him, and cannot imagine it without him. #beingsappy


I am Maks

I enjoy all kinds of humor, dad jokes, the ones that are slightly (or very) inappropriate, dark jokes, and with the right delivery bad jokes. I like to make people laugh so naturally I make a lot of jokes.
I love good food, especially when its something local and authentic. I'm big on trying new things and sometimes I'll order something crazy just to know how it tastes. Food carts are my jam, and luckily Portland has a ton of them. I introduced food carts to Karina, and now she too can't get enough of them. So when we are feeling too lazy to cook anything food carts are the go-to. 
Gluten is mans greatest discovery, but sadly I've developed a sensitivity to gluten recently and cant have it. I have been devastated since. 
I typically like to watch comedies but I also like a mindless action movie once in a while (*cough* Transformers *cough*). I also enjoy a good ol' Jackie Chan movie, I've over-watched Megamind. Also Iron Giant + Treasure Planet will always be childhood favorites.
I've been told (by Karina) that I eat too much candy but there's no such thing. You can't eat too much candy, trust me I've tried. I have an addiction to buying stuff; camping gear, athletic equipment, shoes and socks. I'm just a chill dude, who enjoys being active, eating good food, and spending time with my lovely wife.