YUP thats us ;)

YUP thats us ;)

  We are
Karina & Maks

A husband and wife team who adore capturing love stories for a living. 
We are based in Portland, Oregon but love being able to travel the world and experience stories and cultures beyond our home. 
We are best friends, who spend 95% of our time together
We love to laugh together,  to tease each other, and crack jokes any chance we get. 
We love Jesus, camping in the summer, holding hands, eating spicy food, playing Catan, or watching The Office.
But most of all we love what we do and cant believe we are lucky enough to call this our job.


-We believe laughter is good for your soul.
-That happiness is a choice, and we try to choose it daily.
-We believe that loving someone is hard and messy, yet beautiful and life-giving.
-We believe there is magic in the ordinary moments of day to day life, you just have to open your heart to see it. 


Photography gives us the ability to reach out in this big world and make it just a little bit smaller with each person we get to photograph.
With every face we get in front of our camera our small world expands. Capturing the way you love, experiencing your culture and traditions, being invited into this special season in your lives is something we will forever be grateful for.  

If you, like us believe that documenting and telling your story will make this world a more beautiful place, then lets work together on that!