We are Karina & Maks.
Best buds who are lucky enough to not only be married to each other but to work together creating art and loving on people. Jesus is #1 for us. 
We spend a lot of time together
 usually going on walks with our pups, holding hands, playing Catan or any other board game we are obsessed with, watching funny animal videos cause Karina can't live without them, snowboarding, camping, trying new local food joints, and watching shows (We've watched the office far too many times, but here are some of our other top faves; Arrested Development, Bobs Burgers, Its always sunny in Philadelphia,  AP Bio, Broadchurch, Malcolm in the Middle, Sherlock). Humor helps us get through the hard times in life when things aren't going as planned, so being able to laugh together is important to us. 
We love spicy food, aka we put sriracha on every-thang.  
And the best for last we have two fur babies named Stella and Jasper who we love dearly.


Karina’s favorite things;
House plants, chips, reading, pepperoni pizza with pineapples, historical romance novels, walking around barefoot, I adore making Maks laugh its literally the best feeling in the world, listening to sad piano + Indie music, animal videos, and Pride and Prejudice (obviously the Keira Knightley version, cause the mini series bore me to death)

Maks' favorite things;
Jokes (whether they are dad jokes, slightly inappropriate, dark, or just terrible), spicy food, food carts, movies (any Jackie Chan movie, Megamind, Iron Giant, Dark Knight Trilogy) candy addict, camping, gluten (sadly cant eat it anymore but I love it), playing basketball, and making Karina mad ;)