Rustic barn wedding in Austria | Alina + Josh


 Have you ever seen sound of music? I had the same sensation when in Austria as I did watching the movie. I felt like I was seeing the movie all over again, I could hear a sweet melody as we drove through the vast mountainsides, rolling hill after rolling hill before us, so green and vibrate, with little towns of cottages spotting the hills. It was an indescribable dream. I was so happy to hear that Alina & Josh decided to get married in the very countryside that had made me fall in love with Austria. They got married under a tree and had transformed a local farmers 100 year old barn,  into a delightful space to hold their reception. Alina and Josh had woven themselves into each detail of their wedding day, you could truly feel like they put their whole hearts into their wedding to make sure it was a night not only for them but for their friends and family to enjoy.  Alina rented her favorite car for her transportation in her favorite color, they had a burger bar for a midnight snack! A live band to play their favorite songs, josh unexpectedly jumped onto the stage to sing a song for his bride! They even choreographed a hip-hop dance for their guest as a fun little surprise. Alina and Josh truly created a space for moments to happen between them, and the people they loved.

Words from the bride & groom: 
So my favorite moment from our wedding day was our First Look! For years I've been dreaming of my wedding day and after getting together with Josh and after the moment that he proposed to me, I've been dreaming of the moment when we will see each other for the first time on our wedding day. This moment has given so much energy to keep on going with the planning and everything that has to be done for our wedding day. After one year of planning, the day has come: we are getting married! I fell asleep the night before dreaming of the moment when I will see Josh as a groom and he will see me as a bride in my wedding dress. I was so excited, nervous and happy at the same time!!!! This feeling is indescribable!!!!!!  Driving from my hotel into the fields, I was getting more and more excited and I really couldn’t wait to finally see him! After finally  seeing Josh, I knew this is real. And this is it. We are getting married and today truly is our wedding day! And I couldnt be more excited!!!!!

Vendor Credits: 

Wedding fim by:
My florist & decoration: @dreams_atelier
Make-up: @christinedianaa
Moderator: @thedanieladam
Wedding dress: @pronovias

DAY 2: 

Film by LoveFilms