Black Sand Beach, Bali Indonesia Couple Session | Filipp + Anastasia

When the day of the shoot came we had planned to meet at a black sand beach, only to realize the beach was huuuge and the spot we planned to meet up wasn't specific enough, on top of that we were in Bali and didn't have any cell service to call them. After an hour of walking back and forth on the beach hoping to run into them we had by sheer luck spotted them at one of the many entrances! With the sun already setting we weren't left with a lot of time to shoot, but we totally made it work! These two were legit magic in front of the camera and made it so darn easy, they had brought their sweet daughter with them, so we just had to snag a few photos of them all together. Anastasia and Filipp are amazing people with big dreams here in Bali, they are in the process of building their own home from scratch! They were even kind enough to invite us over for some tea and fruits after the session and we got to see their home and what they had already started building. We spent the remaining of the evening chatting with these two and getting to know them and the plans they had for life. Its truly amazing being able to connect with people from across the world. 

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