Cannon Beach Post wedding adventure session | Tanya + Josh


For this post wedding adventure session we did things a little differently, typically for these types of sessions couples go out in their wedding attire to get those amazing sunset shots on the beach or on a mountain top, somewhere they couldn’t go on their actual wedding day! Tanya and Josh decided they wanted to also incorporate casual attire into their session before getting all fancy! Since Josh lives in Australia, during their engagement season they never got the chance to get any engagement photos done, so they decided to mix things up during their post wedding adventure session, and spend some time hanging out in casual clothes to be able to capture more authentic photos of themselves.

We ran around in a sun soaked forest, speckled with ferns and moss, climbed over fallen tree trunks, and chased the magical forest light as it slowly hid behind the trees. These two have so much energy and life to them, so full of love and playfulness, never taking themselves too serious and always making each other laugh, teasing and just enjoying their time together.. Their energy was contagious and made for one heck of a shoot! We jumped over logs, got lost amongst the ferns, josh at one point fell spinning Tanya (which you’ll see below) and just the cutest moment ever of Tanya trying to help Josh up and then slipping on the moss and falling herself, we literally couldn’t stop laughing and they just embraced it and cuddled then and there on the mossy forest floor. They road around on scooters, climbed a cliff side in their wedding attire and ran full speed to catch the last bit of light at haystack rock. It was a good day indeed.

We are proud to be able to call these two our friends, and so excited for what life has in store for them in Aussie ;)

Click below to check out their beautiful garden, you won’t wanna miss it!
So many feels<3