Cape Kiwanda Engagement | Diana + Max


Cape Kiwanda is one of those locations on the Oregon coast that is hard to believe doesn’t exist in some sort of make believe world that is only accessible through the imagination. For the lack of a better term It is out of this world! We had expected to arrive here and be greeted by stormy weather but to no surprise (since Oregon weather is so fickle and always changing) it was beautifully lite by the sunshine but of course as we shot the storm clouds rolled in and gave us some drama in the sky! I couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather though, I prefer storm clouds over perfect blue skies. I especially loved the way the wind played with Diana’s glorious mermaid hair, It was utter perfection! We had such a blast getting to know Diana and Max while cracking too many jokes to count, Its amazing when you get to meet people you instantly click with and are able to pretend like you’ve been friends forever. Diana and Max have such a warmness to them, i love how madly in love they are with one another  and making working with them so darn easy, it was honestly impossible to take a bad picture of these two.