Columbia River Gorge Engagement session | Kristina + Brendan

Fall engagement photo

Oh what a lovely day we had with these two, Kristina and Brendan came to their session with so much joy and openness. We felt so at ease with them, and laughter was no stranger to us, it was a day we honestly wished could last longer. It was a great reminder of what it feels like to connect with two people on a human level and create art together. We started off at a waterfall, mostly trying not to slip on the rocks, cause dang that place was slippery, climbed some hills that made it look like we were in Iceland for like half a second, ran around in the streets surrounded by trees with colors so rich and beautiful that one begins to question if they are even real, and then lastly we found ourselves high in the hills of the Columbia River Gorge, walking through a meadow of golden swaying grass kissed by the glow of the setting sun. Two lovely humans intertwined into natures vast beauty.
I (Karina) cant tell you how much I twisted my ankle in that field, though that meadow looks lovely and flat there were holes everywhere and when I get excited (which is a common occurrence with me when I’m shooting) I jump around in glee, but in this case I forgot that the ground below me was indeed not flat, so twist, twist, twist, my ankles went! haha But my screams did make everyone laugh, so maybe the scare of my foot going into a hole and twisting was worth it.
Lets just say it was a VERY good day.