Ecola State Park Post Wedding Adventure | Jan + Tim


The last couple of times we’ve shot at the Oregon Coast the weather always seemed to be gloomy and cloudy even though the forecast said sunny. This shoot was no different. The whole drive to the beach it was sunny and beautiful and the second we rolled up to the beach it was cloudy! I told Tim and Jan about our bad luck with weather and we had a good laugh about it and continued to create magic with or without the sun. -
Towards the end while we were shooting on top of a cliff we got some pretty colors for a bit and then the sun disappeared, so I thought hey looks like the sun is done so let’s climb down. As we were climbing down the whole entire sky turned a burning hot pink. I legit started screaming and scrambling down the mountain to try and catch that gorgeous light, I didn’t think we would make it but you better bet your butt I tried and oh my gosh I’m glad I did. Not only did we make it down in time but the sky kept changing even more!!. -
Jan told me “see you were making fun of the beach giving you bad weather all the time and now it’s showing off for you” yes that’s exactly what the sky was doing that day, showing off all sorts of wonderful colors from blue clouds to purple grey clouds to a sky filled with pink wonder!

My goodness did we have a hard time narrowing down the images for this blog post, we still feel like we might of overshared but this session was just too good.