Lemon Orchard Engagement session | Malibu California | Monica + Jason

 I had the most amazing opportunity to fly out to Southern California and take my best friends engagement photos! How crazy awesome is that?! This session is beyond special to me, not only because its of two beautiful people who are madly in love but because of the friendship I hold with Monica, we've been the best of friends for 9 years and I cannot imagine any of them without her friendship.  I have been so greatly blessed by her in my life, and love this girl so much!
      Seeing how happy Jason makes her, makes me so stinkin happy! Love is awesome guys, its a beautiful thing to witness and experience! The way these two have loved each other  throughout these 4 years has truly shaped my heart to understand that love is a journey, a lifetime commitment of daily sacrifice, its about setting aside your wants and desires for the sake of another person. Its a journey to learn how to love eachother more and more each day! And let me tell you that these two have been such a beautiful example of that type of unconditional love!  So excited for you both, cannot wait to shoot your wedding in May!!!