Motorcycle engagement session in the desert | Miah + Andrew


Miah pulled out an old photo of her parents and handed it to me, in this photo her mom was sitting on a motorcycle while her dad stood behind her. Miah told me how much she loved this photo of her parents and how she would love to have something like this of her and Andrew. Being able to honor and weave moments of the past into the stories of today, is something I’ll always love about this job. The photos we take preserve pieces of people’s lives and their legacy. What an absolute joy it is knowing that someone one day might pick up a photo of Miah and Andrew and say “ I love this photo of my parents or grandparents and would love to have something like this for my own photos.” I’m literally tearing up just thinking about how our work lives on, and opens a window into the past for future generations. Quite a beautiful thing we get to be a part of.

Ok now its time for a bit of a funny story, while on our drive out to the desert Miah started looking for the key to the motorcycle to make sure it was in the bag, not finding it there she looks over to Andrew and asks “did you grab the key for the motorcycle?” Andrew replied I “thought you grabbed it.” Turns out neither of them grabbed the key to the motorcycle because they thought the other person did and we were too far away to turn back. I could see that they were a little bummed that we wouldn't be able to do photos with the motorcycle like they had planned, but instead of scrapping the idea all together we decided to improvise and make photos on the motorcycle happen! Andrew and Miah ended up having to push the motorcycle up a hill and road the bike down without it being on! We might of looked silly taking photos on a motorcycle that wasn’t even on to people who passed us by but it was such a fun experience and we all laughed about it on the drive home. It was a good reminder that often in life things will go wrong, the unplanned will happen but what matters the most in those situations is your attitude and your willingness to laugh at yourself.