Rowena Crest | Aaron & Melissa

Waking up at 3am to make it out to Rowena Crest for a sunrise session was soooo worth it even if we were a little sleepy, but lets be honest we totally took a nap when we got home;)  We cannot even begin to express how utterly magical it was that morning, the lush rolling green hills, the wildflowers that dotted them, the changing colors of the sky as the sun awoke, and Aaron and Melissa holding each other amongst all the beauty. These two radiated love, they were so full joy just to be there together in the wee hours of the morning snuggling together to keep warm from the chilling winds. We are so happy to have been able to spend the morning with them, getting to hear their story and to have a glimpse into their lives and hearts for one another. They came to visit Oregon to see its beauty but they had left a piece of their love in these hills amongst the wildflowers that has made Oregon even more beautiful then it was before.